How To Kill Butterflies

ButterflyFlower 2Butterfly

Sweet, lovely butterfly,
blessed in many ways,
flitting through my flowers
I’ve been stalking you for days

…through my bedroom window
from behind a fine mesh screen.
I can’t go in the garden
to enjoy the things you’ve seen.

I’m allergic to the stingy-things,
to bumble-bees and such.
The mozzies and the horse-flies
enjoy my blood too much.

Sandflies found my scalp, one day
and sucked my brains to death.
I counted up the bites
until I reached the twenty-eth.

I wish I’d had some DDT
to teach those pests a lesson.
One master-blast would do the job
and stop those insects messin’.

But I have to use Pyrethrum
‘cos it’s kinder to the nose.
It kills the bugs off gently
…so the information goes.

So bye-bye busy bee
and ta-ta nasty fly,
and – sorry – Mr Butterfly,
you also have to die.




Boab Tree

If I were a bona-fide greenie

there’d be heaps of things I couldn’t do.

I wouldn’t be lit-up at midnight

typing these poems for you

   (…for a start!)

I’d be out there hugging a tree-trunk

in the dark, in the rain, in a field.

The hypocrisies of wannabe greenies

are embarrassing – once they’re revealed.

(I mean…)

Who would burn off barrels of diesel

gadding about the terrain?

Or pollute the upper ionosphere

jetting about in a plane?


Who’d sit at a desk well past midnight

and tweet messages all afternoon?

Who’d hang on a phone ‘cos it’s running red hot

in their own locked-in-tight climate zone?


Saving the planet ain’t easy,

(though it does make one seem very nice!)

But with modern-day games and distractions,

it requires too much self-sacrifice!



Flower spray

We drove 40 kilometres

and didn’t see one cow.

We live in a big city

which has no farmlands now.

It’s an urbanized conglomerate

to such a marked degree

no-one knows that apples

grow and ripen on a tree.

Kids believe that milk

is manufactured in the fridge.

Coffee comes in golden pods

to brew one bev-er-age.

Peas start in the freezer

and reach the dinner-plate

via buttons on a microwave

at quite a rapid rate.

Pristine food abounds

that never smells of dirt.

If we take it all for granted

then we’ll get our just dessert.